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What Women Really Want For Mother’s Day

Let me preface this by saying, I love my children. I cherish being a mother, and I wouldn’t change that for anything in the entire world. I have a great life, a beautiful family, and I am well aware of those things. This preface is necessary not because I think you will judge me. But, because I’m sure at some point my daughters will read this. You girls are my heart’s favorite song. I love you more than anything.

So, am I the only one that wants nothing to do with my family for Mother’s Day? Let me help you here, no. I know this because I have spoken to several of you (for ‘research’) and none of you have any desire to spend the day with your family. I mean, we will. But, we don’t want to.

I believe that Mother’s Day should be a day to ‘reflect’ on how much you love your children – alone. There should be salons and spa’s open the entire weekend for the sole purpose of said reflection. All parks and restaurants should be filled with devoted [frustrated] fathers and their beautiful [loquacious] children. Take-out service should ramp up their delivery and serve us quickly with yummy food, delicious wine and decadent desserts. There should be books and music and movies at our fingertips. And for the love of all things holy – there should be silence WHEN WE WANT IT. Naps should be free flowing and the only interruptions should be that of massages, entertainment and fits of giggles from our girlfriends.

Going out to dinner, that you likely planned; or, having a ‘fun’ outing, that is really something that everyone else in your house wants to do, has its place. But, should it be on Mother’s Day? HELL NO.

We have sacrificed our bodies, our minds (can I get an amen?), sleep, and countless hours happily keeping those precious angels merry and safe. Can we honor this day that celebrates our joy by ourselves? Absolutely not.

Happy Mother’s Day to you magical, magnificent, glorious beings!



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