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We Have Theories About This Is Us.

Just an upfront disclaimer. There are spoilers and lots of them, so if you haven’t watched through the Season Finale of This Is Us, do both yourself and us a favor, get to bingeing and comeback here when you’re done because there’s lots to unpack.

Kia’s Theory

Most people I know either adore This Is Us, or they can’t watch it because it’s just too sad. I can sympathize with the “can’t watch” crowd only because I cannot watch shows that stress me out. My husband’s favorite series of all time is 24. I refused to watch it because my heart would literally be pounding out of my chest and who needs to be that stressed out right before bed?

However, I am cool with crying my eyes out about fictional characters who ACTUALLY ARE MY PEOPLE. So while I think they’re missing out on one of the most brilliant shows ever, I understand them.

While watching the season finale of This Is Us, it occurred to me that there is usually just ONE LINE that takes me out. Or at least is the precipice that takes me over the edge of getting choked up, to full on Niagara Falls on my face during the show. On Deja’s episode, it was when she whispered to Randall, “I’m just tired”. In the finale, it was Kate telling her Mom “You’re not in my way, you are my way.”

Y’all. I was no more good. NONE.

Anyway, I could talk about the show forever (seriously, we just spent an hour on Zoom talking about the show). But what I REALLY want to tell you is my theory on what’s happening.

You ready?

Hold on to your pearls, because you’re about to clutch them.

Guys… Beth is going to die.

OH THAT’S HARD FOR ME TO WRITE and when I said it to Kelly she literally broke down in tears and said she’d quit watching the show. Now you’re probably thinking I’m nuts, but let me tell you why it’s going to happen.

We’ve spent the last seasons incredibly invested in Jack and his story. Parallel to Jack, they’ve been going DEEP with Beth and Randall. We see a lot of them, probably the MOST of them. And Beth? Beth is me. She’s got an amazing career, loving husband, great kids, but she’s still very much a BLACK WOMAN. I connect with her on so many levels and almost everything that comes out of her mouth I end up thinking “Omg, that’s what I would’ve said!”.

Now I realize it’s all been a ploy. Now that we know how Jack’s story ends, so to speak- to keep the show going there has to be someone else, someTHING else that we have to figure out. And, I’m positive it’s Beth.

Not only that, I think Toby has something to do with how Beth dies. Cue to the depression scene they fast forwarded us to last night. I will say, even though I hate that Toby was suffering, I was glad to see Kate taking care of him for once. Because Kate.

There’s so much more I want to say, but this is my story and I’m sticking to it until I’m proven wrong. Kelly has her own theory, so it’ll be interesting to see which will come to pass, or if we’re both dead (no pun intended) wrong.

God, I hope I’m wrong. But I don’t think I am.

— Kia

Kelly’s Theory

I’m still not right. I didn’t get to watch the show last night, but I was able to watch it a few hours ago. I’M STILL NOT OK. Kia and I had the same line get us all in the feels: “You are not in my way. You ARE my way.” Up until this point Kate has gotten on my very last nerve. She has been self-absorbed, upsetting (My) Toby, and constantly pushing her mother away. It’s been as if she’s the only one to experience Jack’s death. When Kate came on the screen, my side eye went right into action. But, this episode we got to see what her mother means to her. Man, I cried.

This Is Us has me invested in characters in a way I didn’t know was possible. The writers make me feel every emotion, every week. Even admitting there are writers hurts a little. Because, the Pearson’s are my people! I love them! They are real, especially Beth. Beth. She is everything I am, and all that I aspire to be. And, I will not let them kill her off. That is not my theory.

Y’all ready?

I think Annie is going to get really sick and die. I know. That’s awful. But… We get a glimpse of Big Girl Tess, and Old Man Randall talking about going to see ‘her’. We still haven’t seen Big Girl Annie. See? I don’t think there is a Big Girl Annie, and Beth will struggle dealing with that. Beth will be the ‘her’. (And, I am crying writing that.)

I believe Toby’s depression will be an altogether different story line. We’ll get to know more about him and his struggle with mental illness. We’ve gradually been introduced to his family. We’ll learn more about them.

However, Beth cannot die. I won’t make it. Dear God. I won’t make it.



Let us know in the comments on if you agree with either of our theories, or if you have one of your own!

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