Turns Out, I’m Crafty

You have to understand, I’m no artist. Which, up until a few months ago, meant I’m not crafty.
I’ve always had an eye for art. In high school, I was obsessed with art history (I was one of the few). I can go to an art museum and lose myself for hours – HOURS! I can create a color palate like it’s my job. But, I struggle with stick figures. There were tears and such when we had to the “draw your eyes” project. Seriously.
So, when people would suggest crafting, I would shy away from it. I struggle with stick figures y’all! But, I have figured out how to spray paint, hot glue and sand with the best of them!
I wanted to create a simple and fun door hanger for Christmas. My previous wreaths were outdated and tired.
While frolicking through the stores today (at lunch time = nap time for toddlers), it was quiet and I was feeling inspired. I found this cool window pane. I grabbed some wooden letters, spray paint and cute ornaments for under $2 (yeah, I’m thrifty too!). I put this beauty together and I couldn’t be more proud.
You can absolutely craft your way to something beautiful. It really can be easier than you think!

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