#TreatYoSelf: 7 Tips For An Adults-Only-Girls-Trip To Disney

Disney is my vacation home.

I’m for real, y’all. My “Ultimate Dream Vacation” is to go to Greece… I keep saying I can’t afford it. Meanwhile, I’ve paid for 3 Disney trips in a 12 month time frame and I’m unabashedly unashamed. I freaking love everything about it.

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Me and Tinkerbell in front of Animal Kingdom. Please note the Fancy Mouse Ears. Thanks.

Each Disney trip has one or more “Magical, Unforgettable Moments” and this trip was FILLED with them, because it was an Adults Only Girls Trip during Food & Wine Festival. Basically it was the MECCA of Disney trips.

Earlier this year my husband was deployed (for the second year in a row). During a moment where I was hanging on by a tiny thread in Deployment Purgatory, I decided I needed 2 things- a drink and a vacation. Fast forward a few months to the most glorious 5 days at Disney World!

For this trip, I invited my sister and my good friend, Amber, who happens to be a Disney Travel Agent.

The Magical, Unforgettable Moments were plentiful, but I’d say overall, getting to experience Disney as just myself- with no roles or titles- with was the biggest takeaway. This trip was all about SELF-CARE. We’ve gone to Disney World 3 times as a family and our 4th family trip is upcoming. I ADORE bringing my family, but there was something about getting to do it Grown Up Style that was fun and exhilarating and exactly what I needed.

Some might say that it was a great time because we got to “be a kid again”, but honestly- we were very much adulting. We snacked our way around the world. Ate at fancy restaurants. Indulged in delicious drinks. Slept in some days. It was magical.

If you’re like us and would jump at the chance to have a Girls Trip to Disney World, here are some tips!

#1. Go BIG or DON’T Go!

This is a total #TreatYoSelf Moment! When going with your family, most have a budget and often times that doesn’t include a Deluxe Resort with Club Level accommodations. However, when you go with your girlfriends and share a room between 4 people, those costs are cut DRASTICALLY. The Deluxe Resorts are all in prime locations that make getting to parks QUICK. Club Level is phenomenal- breakfast, light snacks, heavy appetizers, desserts and cordials (read: wine and liquor) EVERY SINGLE DAY. We had the most attentive concierge (hey Corinne!) at Yacht Club Regatta! Everyone needs a Corinne in their life. Don’t skip this part; it’s what elevates the experience.

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#2. Choose Your Fab 4 Wisely!

Who you invite on this trip will absolutely make a difference on how much you enjoy it. If your friend is Negative Nancy twin, don’t bring her to Disney. If you love all the thrill rides, make sure that you have a buddy in the group that will go on each one with you!

#3. Be Flexible!

This goes along with #2. Be okay with changing plans, if necessary. On our trip in early October, it was still VERY hot, and with Florida comes rain. There were days that we decided to go to the hotel and have pool time in the middle of the day, then go back to the parks at night. Disney is not the place for rigidity. Having a general plan is great; being upset that plans change is nonsense. You’re at Disney!

#4. Be Adventurous With Food!

This is one time that character meals aren’t important. Disney has some of the BEST food, so explore the restaurants that you wouldn’t necessarily choose if your children came along. Our most off-the-beaten path choice was Sanaa, located in the Animal Kingdom Lodge; and it ended up being our favorite meal of the trip! I could seriously do a blog post about the food all by itself.


#5. Split the Memory Maker!

I’m all about enjoying the present moment and not having to lug around a camera. Having the Memory Maker means that your group will get to take a TON of pictures at Photo Pass spots. Whether you’re together or not, your magic bands are linked; so photos from the whole trip- including rides- will be available to you all.

Walt Disney World, Disney World, Memory Maker, Orlando Florida, vacation, girls trip
All taken with Photo Pass. Using the Memory Maker, if we were apart or together, our pictures were placed in the same gallery.

#6. Work With A Disney Planner!

When working with a Certified Disney Travel Agency you get the best of both worlds- being able to plan your trip while having a “Disney Expert” to help answer your questions, make suggestions and complete reservations. I personally love the planning part of Disney. Amber has been amazing for letting me hold the reigns in the areas I enjoy, like making our Advanced Dining Reservations and Fast Pass choices, while she takes care of the rest. And it costs me nothing to work with her. I love the idea of knowing I’m supporting another business owner and Mom when I book our vacations with her.

Click HERE to follow Amber on Facebook Page to stay up to date on all things Disney.

#7. Leave The Mom-Guilt At Home!

I know it’s there…you’d love to go but are worried about what the kids would think of you going to Disney World without them. The 3 of us have 9 kids between us, ranging in ages 4 to 14. The kids were FINE. They were excited to chat with us through Face Time and get a fun souvenir.

And, most importantly, you deserve some YOU time. Taking the time to focus on yourself and your friendships is what helps you be a better woman, wife, mother and HUMAN.


P.S.: Are you ready to plan your Girls Trip to Disney? Amber and I TRULY believe that every woman needs to bring her Fab 4 on a Disney Girls Trip, so we’re (or she …see how I love to interject myself!) planning one huge trip that you can attend with your Fab 4 in November 2018! Want to join and get details? Click here to join Girlfriend’s Guide to Disney and I’ll see you in the group!


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2 thoughts on “#TreatYoSelf: 7 Tips For An Adults-Only-Girls-Trip To Disney

  1. OMG I love this! I’m dying to go to Disney! (Actually I just wrote a very shameful post on why we gave up disney tickets last year lol) However, everyone keeps making this place look sooo amazing. I have to go next year! You’re totally right that it’s better to go with friends so you can split the costs. I think I’ll invite my daughter’s friend, so we can split a room. Thanks for getting me hype about Disney again. I can’t wait to go!

    ~ Sanaa

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